Download Key-Segments data

The data contains the SegTrack dataset [1] and for each of its videos: BPLRs [2], region proposals [3], and optical flows [4].
Note that it is 4.2 Gb.

[1] D. Tsai, M. Flagg, and J. Rehg. Motion Coherent Tracking with Multi-Label MRF Optimization. BMVC 2010.
[2] J. Kim and K. Grauman. Boundary Preserving Dense Local Regions. CVPR 2011.
[3] I. Endres and D. Hoiem. Category Independent Object Proposals. ECCV 2010.
[4] T. Brox and J. Malik. Large displacement optical flow: descriptor matching in variational motion estimation. TPAMI 2011.

You can also download the data in parts. Once all parts have been downloaded, do " unzip '*.zip' ".