Visual Acoustic Matching

Changan Chen1,4, Ruohan Gao2, Paul Calamia3, Kristen Grauman1,4
1UT Austin, 2Stanford University, 3Reality Labs at Meta, 4FAIR, Meta AI

Accepted at CVPR 2022 (Oral)

We introduce the visual acoustic matching task, in which an audio clip is transformed to sound like it was recorded in a target environment. Given an image of the target environment and a waveform for the source audio, the goal is to re-synthesize the audio to match the target room acoustics as suggested by its visible geometry and materials. To address this novel task, we propose a cross-modal transformer model that uses audio-visual attention to inject visual properties into the audio and generate realistic audio output. In addition, we devise a self-supervised training objective that can learn acoustic matching from in-the-wild Web videos, despite their lack of acoustically mismatched audio. We demonstrate that our approach successfully translates human speech to a variety of real-world environments depicted in images, outperforming both traditional acoustic matching and more heavily supervised baselines.

Oral Presentation at CVPR

5-min oral presentation at CVPR 2022.

Supplementary Video

Audio-visual examples of visual acoustic matching on both synthetic data and Web videos.


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